Hellbound? the Documentary

March 21, 2012

Now this looks interesting …

The release date is September 2012. Until then, you can learn more about the movie at http://www.hellboundthemovie.com.

HT: Randal Rauser


  1. I look forward to watching this. Hell…? I live there. Within my community a majority of the citizens are pushing their Hell doctrine. It controls all aspects of their life and thus in-turn upon those around them. To Hell with Hell. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Hell as a doctrine about afterlife is well worth discarding. However, as a doctrine about this life, it is very instructive. Let us turn from our sins that we don’t bring this wrath of God upon ourselves. Hell (God’s wrath) is already abounding in this sinful age in which we find ourselves. Truly walking with Jesus Christ (as opposed to churchgoing or declaring ourselves “Christians”) delivers from these flames.

    • This Wrath comes to us all, whether we walk with Christ or not, for God’s Wrath is literally his love. We can not bring God’s “wrath” upon ourselves, or anyone else for that matter, for we are always present, knowingly or unknowingly, in his Wrath. Who of us can say to or ask of any other… Do you or are you truly walking with Christ?. In this manner, no one! No, not even I can make such an assumption of myself. I can only hope.

  3. At 1:40 the dude says “if you remove God’s punishment, Christianity stops making sense” or some othe utter rubish like that. What a total IDIOT. SINCE WHEN DID CHRIST COME TO DAMN YOU TO HELL? Maybe someone just is too LAZY to bother reading any GOOD and CLASSIC Christian literature. YOU WANT TO READ ABOUT HELL!? READ DANTE: who spends TWO of his three books of the Divine COMEDY showing people SAVED BY INFINTE GRACE to enjoy bliss. Or as Lewis puts it, Hell is when God Says YOUR WILL BE DONE. You know what you get when you stick all the people who don’t want to obey God in a place away from God? Why, a happy little Hell as you might want. NO NEED FOR GOD TO BURN YOU – YOU CAN DO IT YOURSELVES. And so on, blah blah blah, baisically this movie is a combination of bad theology and REALLY bad theology. And illiteracy. No one who seriously studies literature – or truely saintly Christians – will possibly be as moronic as to make this sort of film.

    • My sense is that the documentary canvasses a wide variety of views on hell. No doubt that will include some very bad theology, but I don’t think that makes for a criticism of the film.

  4. So very interesting! Thanks for posting this. As I understand it, the Eastern Orthodox understanding of hell is very different from the protestant/evangelical/southern baptist/etc. point of view, and no, it isn’t the keystone of the “entire system”. Hopefully, EO theology will be well-presented in the film. (Was that Archbishop Dmitri at 1:42?)

    • I hope the EO view gets some screen time too. I still want to learn more about it. I’m not sure if that’s Dmitri. He passed away about a year ago, although it’s possible the filming has been ongoing for some time.

      • The Orthodox Bishop is Archbishop Lazar Puhalo of Ottawa and elder of all saints monastery and he is living.

  5. Here is a link to what I consider the best Orthodox response to Hell. It is a homily of the 20th century Saint Justin Popovich

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