Worst Christian Bookstore Name Ever

December 16, 2011

Wandering through a mall in Durban, South Africa, last month, we came upon this unfortunately-named Christian bookstore:

I have yet to figure out what the acronym might stand for. It is an acronym, right?

Here’s their website, where you can order products such as …

Or, just in time for the holidays …

I wonder if they know.


  1. That just made me laugh out loud! I’m guessing it’s the Latin “cum” they are somewhat misappropriating here. It still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though. Let’s just say that if I saw that bookstore in the Yellowpages, I wouldn’t assume it was a Christian establishment.

    • I suppose it could be Latin, although it’s kind of weird to use a bare preposition as your store name. I wonder if it makes more sense in Afrikaans.

  2. You’ve got a dirty mind, Mr. Fancy Pants!

  3. Wow. WHAT were they thinking! Oh…right… they probably weren’t thinking.

    Unless… do you think the employees are hot chicks with tight clothes? Hmmmm… this is a million dollar idea.

  4. You should totally submit that photo to FAILblogs! It’s facepalm-worthy in the extreme.

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  6. It’s an acronym for their full name in Afrikaans: Christelike Uitgewers Maatskappy (Christian Publishing Company). Funny thing is they are in just about every mall in South Africa.

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  8. This is why I have never ever taken Driscoll seriously. Never have and never will.

  9. Well, I dunno… some parts of Song of Solomon do get a bit randy…. jes sayin…

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