Nothing Says Fun Like Dead Egyptians!

September 6, 2011

Last week, Randal Rauser published a post entitled, “Are cataclysmic natural disasters appropriate for the children’s choir?” in which he questioned the wisdom of entertaining children with macabre Bible stories (sanitized or otherwise) simply because they’re found in the Bible.

Most readers will be familiar with the proposed Answers in Genesis theme park, Ark Encounter, down in Kentucky. Apparently, the folks at AiG believe that the Noah story isn’t the only biblical account of mass death suitable for children’s entertainment. Turns out they also have plans to develop a Ten Plagues ride.

Check out this short video by the ride’s designer:

It’s hard to imagine which part of the ride the kids will like best. Will it be the river of blood? Maybe the room of incurable boils. Or who could forget the final stop on the ride: the pile of firstborn Egyptian corpses. Yippee!!

Ironically, Answers in Genesis is also convinced that kids should steer clear of Halloween. As their “What about Halloween” webpage cautions, “Death is a terrible reality for all of us—not something to celebrate or treat as fun.”

Unless, of course, the people dying are godless Egyptians. In which case, you sell tickets and open a gift shop.



  1. oh my. Talk about trivializing Scripture!

  2. :: jaw drops ::

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  4. Meanwhile we’re told children will be irreparably damaged by discovering that two men or two women can get married.

  5. The title of this post cracks me up! Are you familiar with Peter Enns series “Telling God’s Story”? He has some really interesting ideas for a new approach to teaching scripture that avoids the sing-song stoytime style of teaching the Word. Worth checking out!!

    • Thanks. I knew Pete Enns was working on some homeschooling curriculum, but I hadn’t heard about that series. Looks good.

  6. Isnt that flippancy kind of necessary? How else do you convince kids that a good guy is behind something like Noahs flood? It “works” to say “isnt god nice?! He saved noah and the bunnies!” but what would kids think if you said “god drowned millions of daddies. Drowned millions of mommies. Little babies were sucked by rising tidal bulge from their mothers arms and pulled under water, where they suffucated under the waves.” what would kids think about a god who stood by and watched, and even caused, this to happen? For that matter one has to wonder how many adults have even pictured this scene themselves… The horror of the Christmas tsunami a thousand times over. Little Johnny wonders aloud – why? “because god was sad at the violence and bad behavior of people… So clearly slaughtering them was the best way to teach them to behave, johnny!”

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