Ode on a Grecian Return

August 27, 2011

This blog has been rather neglected over the past few months. I’m sorry. But I have a good excuse. This spring, I asked a beautiful young woman to marry me. Against her better judgment, she accepted my proposal, culminating in the most spectacular wedding ever (perhaps I’m biased) on July 24.

As we discovered, wedding prep is a full time job. Thus, the silence here on Cognitive Discopants. Following the Big Day, we spent 3+ weeks honeymooning in Greece. We had stints in Santorini, Crete, the Peloponnese, and Athens. It was a wonderful mix of beautiful landscapes/quaint towns for my photographer wife and amazing archaeological sites/museums for my nerdy Mediterranean-history-loving self.

I thought I’d begin my return to blogging with a few photos from our trip, some of which bear some relationship to the topics discussed on this blog. Enjoy…

Watching the sun set over the Aegean Sea from the rocks below Oia, Santorini

Crete's sacred skull of St. Titus and definitely not a random skull

Katrina making translation breakthroughs on the as-of-yet undeciphered Phaistos Disc, discovered in the Minoan Palace at Phaistos

Remains of a 6th century AD Christian basilica in Gortyn, the former Roman capital on Crete

View of Matala beach from inside a 1st century AD Roman cave tomb

The Bema (place of judgment) in Ancient Corinth where Paul was brought before proconsul Gallio (Acts 18:12-17)

The modern city of Sparta as seen from the hilltop of Mystras

inside a Byzantine monastery in Mystras

outside the monastery

Katrina standing on the Areopagus (Mars Hill) from which Paul delivered his famous "altar to an unknown god" sermon (Acts 17)

Yours truly hanging with Caesar Augustus. The emperor is the one on the left.



  1. Congratulations!

  2. A good reason to be absent from blogging. Congrats.

    • Thanks LAC. It was time well spent, but it’s also good to be back 🙂

  3. Well, well. That rocks! Love, travel and ancient history -excellent. Your wife is BEAUTIFUL and as a fellow photographer I must say the girl has an eye. Her work is inspiring and playful. She sure catches that light. Congrats 🙂

    • Thanks Michelle. I agree, she is beautiful 🙂 Do you have a website for your photography?

  4. I’m glad your back. I really enjoy reading your blog and I was a bit sad to see that there was no activity on it lately. Now I can be happy again 🙂

    Btw congrats for your wedding!

    • Thanks David. That’s really encouraging to hear. I promise to try to keep you happy 🙂

  5. Congratulations on the nuptials! The honeymoon looks like it was awesome and your wife is gorgeous!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so. Thanks D’Ma!

  6. Many congrats to you both. A beautiful setting and a beautiful wife, being a chap I can’t quite bring myself to call you beautiful :-p.

    I am sure you both had a wonderful time. What am I saying? It was a honeymoon! Of course you both had a fantastic time.

    My cousin gets married in Cyprus next year, so I am looking forward to failing to take similarly good photos.

    • Thanks Matthew. We did have a great time. I imagine Cyprus will be as beautiful as the other Mediterranean islands, although I’ve never been.

  7. No, it was the most spectacular wedding ever.

  8. Haha cool stuff. congrats to the both of you!

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