Rob Bell & “Silly Questions”

April 14, 2011

I was really enjoying this video … until he started making his point.

The video was produced by Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, home of Douglas Wilson.

Apparently, people who struggle with the concept of God consigning Gandhi to eternal torment are asking “silly questions”.

Apparently, those who want to explore non-exclusivist views of salvation are “talking like idiots”.

Apparently, asking questions at all is bad because the church is in the business of dispensing ANSWERS!

And Christ Church certainly has answers. Their “What We Believe – Creeds and Confessions” page is over 48,000 words long. How could I possibly have any questions left? Silly me. It’s all been figured out for me.

I feel no need to defend Rob Bell. I’m not even sure I agree with him.

But personally, I’ve had 3 decades worth of churches that pretended to have all the answers. And it was in that context that I encountered “the cover up of shallow thinking.”

I say, bring on the questions.



  1. that video was pretty annoying. It’s like the devalued all of humanity’s questions and longing in one swoop. Plus that whole zit thing at the end probably makes sense if you ponder it for 20 minutes, but they’ve already lost me so I’m not going to try.

  2. I wonder how much money they spent creating this video. What a disappointment.

  3. Yuck, such a slick, well-produced and clever presentation of the basic arrogance underlying all that kind of doctrine.

  4. I nearly barfed when I first saw it, too.

  5. So according to that line of thinking, there really are no good questions? Only answers. The ones that have already been given? By countless denominations? All those conflicting ones? Or is there just one answer to every question? Jesus Christ. Somehow that’s not very satisfying. I guess I’m just silly.

  6. The basic premise of the whole video is just ridiculous. On what planet are “Who goes to heaven?” or “How wide is God’s grace?” silly questions? If you don’t agree with Bell, that’s fine, but to compare the issues Bell raises with Can-God-make-a-rock-so-big-he-couldn’t-lift-it questions is to demonstrate that you fail to grasp the gravity or complexity of the issue. Blech.

  7. Poor theology aside this is a great video! How can you not trust a big guy wearing a turtle neck sweater walking on a treadmill with a fan blowing his long blond hair… my first encounter with “pimple theology”

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