The Origin of Information

March 10, 2011

Over at Biologos, Dr. Dennis Venema has begun a series on Evolution and the Origin of Biological Information. A frequent refrain from the promoters of “intelligent design” is that natural processes, namely mutation and natural selection, are incapable of producing complex genomic information.

Unfortunately for the ID movement, this claim is simply wrong. Very wrong.

Dr. Venema will be exploring some documented examples of evolution doing exactly what the peddlers* of ID theory say it can’t – producing novel functioning genes. Stay tuned.


*I don’t think it unfair to describe Stephen Meyer and the other fellows at the Discovery Institute as peddlers. When they start publishing their work in recognized peer-reviewed publications, I’ll gladly find a new descriptor. But so long as they choose to publish directly to lay audiences while avoiding the scrutiny of their peers, they’re simply peddling their unsubstantiated pet theories to the public.



  1. A familiar refrain of those who can’t accept evolution but also can’t accept creationism. Now he’s the God of the gaps. Only there aren’t really gaps. Just because we don’t “know” how something works, doesn’t mean there isn’t a scientific explanation. It just means we don’t know it yet.

    I think that might be some cognitive discopants. They are trying to force their worldview match reality.

    • I think you’re right. Christians are coming to realize that young earth creationism simply won’t fly anymore. But they want to hang on to the notion that science can provide proof of God. When God just exists in the shadows of our knowledge, the more light science sheds on our world, the smaller our God gets.

  2. Fortunately, you are holding an eraser.

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