Xenophobia at its ugliest

March 4, 2011

These videos are profoundly troubling.

The first captures a Feb. 13, 2011, protest in Orange County that took place outside an Islamic charity event, the theme of which was “Our Responsibility towards Our Neighbors: An Islamic Perspective.” The charity is an Islamic relief organization whose projects include local disaster relief, women’s housing, hunger prevention, family counseling, medical aid, emergency financial support and funeral and burial assistance. Their website can be found here.

The next two videos are from a protest yesterday outside the White House. According to Ryan Reilly, who took the videos, the protesters were there to counter-protest a planned pro-Sharia law rally. When the pro-Sharia demonstrators failed to show, the anti-Sharia protesters turned on a single Muslim man who had shown up to pray at the White House.

These scenes are reminiscent of some really ugly periods in American and European history. Those who are stoking anti-Muslim sentiment need to tone down the rhetoric. This is awful.

Found at Christian Nightmares


One comment

  1. I live really close to Yorba Linda (as a matter-of-fact, I was there earlier today running some errands). I never heard of this incident, but it truly breaks my heart. I have personally encountered racism (I’m Asian-American), but never at anything close to this level of hatred and vehemence. What especially got to me were the children being ushered in by their parents, glancing around in fear, hurt and confusion. The woman calling the charity event “pure unadulterated evil” boggles my mind. Already pretty fed-up with Orange County, this video is almost enough to make me book the first flight out of here. However, I know all too well that hatred like this is everywhere. I hate the feeling of powerlessness I have when I see a video like this. It leaves a knot in my stomach, a weight in my heart, a bitterness in my mouth.

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