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March 3, 2011

Some links worth reading …

Mason at New Ways Forward hits the nail on the head about the recent controversy surrounding Rob Bell’s new book:

When hell defines our story, when we see Jesus primarily as the solution to the problem of hell, when avoiding hell is the very reason why the Gospel is good news – then of course any questioning of that doctrine is going to be deeply threatening.

Meanwhile, Steve Douglas at Undeception observes that the questions raised by Bell aren’t exactly new and shares some thought-provoking quotes from 7th century St. Isaac the Syrian to make the point. Here’s a sampling:

It is not (the way of) the compassionate Maker to create rational beings in order to deliver them over mercilessly to unending affliction (in punishment) for things of which He knew even before they were fashioned, (aware) how they would turn out when He created them – and whom (nonetheless) He created.

On a lighter note, Kevin Brown at Diglotting shares a tongue-in-cheek Arminian Creed and Calvinist Creed. My favourite line from the Calvinist Creed:

We believe in the Holy Ghost, who sovereignly compels ungodly reprobates to worship God against their will, but apart from that he doesn’t do anything else and certainly doesn’t cause the elect to talk gibberish and squawk like chickens.



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