Jesus as Messiah King

March 1, 2011

Phil Harland, professor of Religious Studies and Ancient History at York University, has posted his final podcast, Jesus as a Messiah King? in his series The Historical Jesus in Context.

In this podcast, he looks at first-century Judean expectations of a Messiah and considers to what degree Christ may have been perceived as a Messiah figure by his contemporaries (as distinct from the authors of the gospels).

If you haven’t been listening to Harland’s podcasts, you’re missing out. He’s got several podcast series, all of them excellent. Harland approaches the subject matter from the perspective of a historian. I’ve listened to a lot of podcasts/lecture series on NT studies and the historical Jesus and I’d have to say that Harland has done one of the best jobs I’ve seen of remaining objective and not imposing value judgments on the material. His series “Early Christian portraits of Jesus” and “Paul and his communities” are still some of my favorites.

Happy listening!


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